“The Health Services Safety Group”

SOMERS POINT, NJ — Advantage Specialty – a managing general agency specializing in workers’ compensation insurance – and QualCare, Inc. – the leading managed care organization in the Northeast – are pleased to announce that their joint Workers’ Compensation Safety Group, for New Jersey health services providers, has paid a 25% dividend on behalf of participants.

Available exclusively to physicians, ophthalmologists, dentists, chiropractors and pharmacies within New Jersey, this workers’ compensation product is unique to the industry.

“This safety group has performed extraordinarily well in the past,” said David Scibal, CEO of Advantage Specialty. “It is the perfect way to have your insurance work for you. We are thrilled that groups who received upfront credits of up to 20% off have now received a 25% dividend.”

“This program was specifically designed for our network of physicians and pharmacies,” said Annette Catino, CEO of QualCare, Inc. “It is a great way for us to give back to our community of health service providers. Participants who paid $10,000 in premiums received a $2,500 check – that is quite a start to the New Year”

“Not only did we initially receive a great quote, but now we received a substantial dividend check,” said Dr. Glenn Zuck, of Pace Orthopedics and Sports Medicine. Pace was one of the first participants in the program. “It doesn’t get any better than this,” said Dr. Zuck.

Launched in 2011, the Workers’ Compensation Safety Group was primarily produced by four New Jersey-based brokers. Since then, a few additional brokers have joined. The group’s creators continue to welcome additional brokers “as long as they do not regionally compete with those brokers who helped form the group” added Tom Basil Jr, Advantage Specialty’s President.

“We are happy to extend this product to all physicians and pharmacies in New Jersey who want to enjoy incredible savings,” said Scibal. “We are broker-friendly and encourage all health service providers to join. We have preferred brokers who we are happy to recommend to those providers who do not have one.”

“This is standard workers’ compensation with no risk to the insured,” said Catino. “We only see an upside to participating.”

For information on how to participate in the Workers’ Compensation Safety Group, contact David Scibal or Tom Basil, Jr. at: (609) 365-8990 ext 201 or email info@sciadvantage.com.

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About Advantage Specialty

A managing general agency based out of Somers Point, New Jersey, Advantage Specialty, founded in 1999 by David Scibal and Thomas Basil Jr, focuses on workers’ compensation insurance. The company specializes in Health Care, Hospitality, Auto Dealers, as well as Moving and Storage, although the company will entertain over 300 different classes. Advantage also manages the State’s only Hospitality Safety Group specializing in Hotels/Motels, Inns, B&B’s, Restaurants, Bars and Taverns which will pay a dividend of up to 10% in early 2014.

For more information, brokers should visit www.sciadvantage.com. Or email info@sciadvantage.com

About QualCare, Inc.

QualCare, Inc. is a full-service managed care organization servicing more than 800,000 members and covering over 100 acute, specialty and rehabilitation hospitals as well as 20,000 physicians and other ancillary providers at 33,000 locations across New Jersey, Pennsylvania & New York. Headquartered in Piscataway, New Jersey, QualCare is owned by 16 non-profit hospitals and physician-hospital organizations, with a clientele that spans health systems, unions, local governments, school boards, and other commercial employers.

For over twenty years, QualCare has offered the following services: self-funded PPO, HMO network, point of service (POS) network, open access health plans, third party administration (TPA) services, provider network access, care management services, a workers’ compensation product and ACO consultative services and infrastructures.

For more information, visit www.qualcareinc.com or www.qual-lynx.com